Latest News

Happy Birthday Canada!

Mrs. Mill’s class created an amazing display to celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday. If you are in the school be sure to check it out!  Read More

Lady Eaton Fun Fair

Last night was Lady Eaton’s fun fair! Students enjoyed bouncy castles, a fortuneteller, a cakewalk, craft station, karaoke, dance, target shoot, and much more. Huge thanks to all our staff and community who... Read More

Teachers Learning About Math

Lady Eaton staff members Ms. Harris, Ms. Macpherson, Mrs. Butzer and Mrs. Barnes lead by Mrs. Wotten are learning all about mathematics! The staff meet once a month to work with students to... Read More

Looking of Volunteers from the Community

Lady Eaton is looking for volunteers to fill one position shelve books in the library. This position is completely open. You can come at a scheduled time or day of the week or just... Read More

School Schedule

8:35 a.m. Supervision Begins on the yard.
8:50-9:30 Period 1
9:30-10:10 Period 2
10:10-10:50 Period 3
10:50-11:30 Nutrition & Recess Break
11:30-12:10 Period 4
12:10-12:50 Period 5
12:50-1:30 Period 6
1:30-2:10 Nutrition & Recess Break
2:10-3:10 Period 7