Scott Young & Lady Eaton Parent Council Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date: April 23, 2024

Construction updates

  • Site visit is Thursday
  • Concrete pad to be used for new basketball net and pickle ball court
  • Getting quote for painting of Four-square, and kindergarten yard.
  • There is a fee (unknown at this time) to move playground equipment from Lady Eaton to
    Scott Young
  • Looking at painting outside of daycare, currently staying a “concrete” colour
  • Progressing on time

Scott Young

  • After paying for future lacrosse,yoga, year end trips, grad, breakdancing, and four
    square paint, parent council fund will be $7,326.97. With June pizza still to be added
  • OPP officers volleyball was a success, looking to do basketball in future
  • Class trips, all classes will be doing a year end trip.
  • April 30th Assembly, sacred teaching of honesty
  • Mrs. Carney moved to grade eight and new CERT teacher hired, Ms.Heck
  • New track pits will be put in for school wide track day on May 17th
  • Jen to look into what funds can be carried over to next year
  • WOW yoga night session, would like to go forward but a new night would need to be
    picked because of conflict with community soccer and lady eaton fun fair
  • Track day is May 17th, getting information about providing all students with pizza lunch
    that day. Will continue to have reg pizza day on the 16th

Lady Eaton

  • Open house is May 25th from 10-2 pm
  • Busy month of April with Goldyrocks Play, Dairy presentation, and yoga
  • New kindergarten furniture has been ordered
  • Primary grade furniture will be moved fromLady Eaton to Scott Young
  • Possibility of teachers needing new classroom items once move happens
  • Fun Fair is June 12th from 5:30 to 7:30pm.
  • Looking for volunteers to help with fun fair. Possibly open to grade eight students who can
    use it for their highschool volunteer hours
  • Teachers do not want to be stuck at one station for the duration of event
  • Classroom baskets for fun fair start May15th to be turned in June 3rd
  • Discussion of community donation raffle/silent auction
  • Approx $8000 in acct


  • September Krispy Cream donut fundraiser. Order pick up will be the week of Oct 7-11th.
  • Buy a doz for $7.00 and can sell for $10-$15.00. Pick up in TO area
  • Open house / Grand opening in Sept (more details to follow) Use of parent engagement
    funds for BBQ/activities/etc. Date yet to be picked. Possibility of having it the same night
    as usual open house in Sept. Crystal looking into Lions Den or other supplier for BBQ
  • Discussion about possible”go fund me” or similar type fundraiser for new playground
  • Using parent council finds to provide new students their house shirts for September
  • Offices are keeping an eye on enrollment numbers for 2024/2025, may not need a
  • Fundraiser discussion for next year; subs, pizza, grilled cheese, christmas shopping,
    donuts, poinsettias, candles, valentines dance, make it sow seeds, and fun fair. No set
    dates or fundraisers chosen other than Krispy Cream for Sept/Oct

Next council meeting is scheduled for June 18th at 6:15pm in Scott Young Library

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