We have several initiatives in place to encourage safe practices and reduce incidents of misbehaviour. For example, the “Wise Skills” program provides teachers with suggestions for integrating character development into various subject areas.  Monthly TLDSB themes such as caring, honesty and responsibility, etc. are reinforced through daily messages and practices. The month’s theme is reviewed every school newsletter.

 Another program that has proven to be popular and successful is “Kelso’s Choice”. It is a conflict management program for children used to supplement our character development program. Our goal is to teach students several positive ways to deal with difficult situations. Through classroom lessons, colourful posters, morning announcements, on-going reinforcement and a friendly little puppet frog named, Kelso, this program is giving children tools and strategies to try and solve problems. The Kelso’s Choice wheel encourages children to solve small problems by trying two of the following choices: share and take turns, talk it out, walk away, ignore it, tell them to stop, apologize, make a deal or wait and cool off. If the child has a big problem they are encouraged to tell an adult they trust. Many parents have reported that they use the program at home as well.