We’re always looking for ways to be environmentally friendly. We know a number of our families have internet access and could read the school’s monthly newsletter by going on-line to Lady Eaton’s website at https://lee.tldsb.on.ca/ and clicking on School News. Here’s your opportunity to help the school Go Greener. For every family that reads their monthly newsletter on-line, we will be able to cut back on the amount of paper and photocopying we do.


We’d like to hear back from every family whether you choose the on-line option or not. All families are eligible for this draw. Please clip this bottom portion of this newsletter, complete and return it to the teacher of your oldest child. Your children will be entered into a draw for a free pizza and drink. If you are not able to access the newsletter on-line and/or you choose not to participate in the on-line option we will continue to send you a printed copy of each newsletter.